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Cuba Grand Tour (top to bottom of the island)

Central America & Caribbean
Price: From 450$ USD
Duration: 20 days
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02/08/2013 - 02/27/2013
03/30/2013 - 04/18/2013  
06/15/2013 - 07/04/2013  
Cuba Grand Tour (top to bottom of the island)

Cuba, Fidel, Communism, tropical climate, music, beaches, beautiful people, old colonial architecture, old museum cars, cigars, rum, Cuban rhythms, crazy nightlife, concerts, salsa, ... a mix of culture, entertainment and positive energy hard to find elsewhere in the world!

After visiting the dilapidated but in its way charming Havana we will take a horse ride in the Vinales region and move on to have fun in one of the most beautiful colonial cities in Cuba, Trinidad.

While passing Camaguey we will stop at the mountains of Sierra Maestra, the genesis of Cuban revolution, where we will be on the lookout for Fidel’s hideout.

We will continue our way to Santiago de Cuba, visit Baracoa’s banana and cocoa plantations and say hello to Che Guevara in Santa Clara.

In the end we will take a dip in the turquoise waters of Cayo Coco paradise beaches.

Havana – Vinales – Trinidad – Camaguey – Sierra Maestra (trekking) – Santiago de Cuba – Baracoa – Cayo Coco (beach) – Santa Clara – Havana

Look at Havana: Hemingway’s house, Cabana and del Moro forts, Castro’s legacy and old Havana.

Then we move into the karst-landscape of Vinales tobacco region, where take a horse ride and visit the tobacco fields and caves.

On the way to the picturesque colonial city of Trinidad (Ancon beach nearby), a stop at the crocodile farm. In Trinidad we take a look at the most beautiful colonial city and rest on the beach.

We shift to the south where we go trekking in the Sierra Maestra mountains and take a look at the secret headquarters of Castro fighters. From here, the revolution spread across Cuba.

Visit to Camaguey, center of proud Cuban Cowboys (Vaqueros) and the biggest city in the Cuban interior with the best stocked fresh produce market in the country.
We continue our trip to Santiago de Cuba, Cuban cultural center and as the people call it – the heart of Cuba. Santiago is the capital of Cuban music - expect some wild salsa fuelled nights!

The trip continues to a typical southern town of Baracoa, the oldest Spanish settlement in Cuba. Here we will make a short jungle trek to El Yunque national park.

On our way back to Havana we will try to find the meaning of life on Cayo Coco. A real tropical paradise surrounded by white beaches and turquoise waters. 

No Cuban program would be complete without a stop in Santa Clara and a visit to Che Guevara museum.

Return to Havana and flight back home.

What about the nights? Almost every evening live music, Mojito, Cuba Libre, entertainment programs, fiery Cuban rhythms, etc.

The program is recommended only for those who like an adventurous way of discovering the world.


In Cuba accommodation with locals who are allowed to outsource their rooms to visitors, with no local categorization, usually breakfast excluded.


We will be transported by bus (hired) and other local transportation without local categorization.

Program by day

1st Flight to Havana where we arrive in the evening, overnight
2nd The main sights of the capital (Museum of Revolution, the Capitol, the forts, the Malecon), overnight
3rd Old part of the city, cigar factory, Cuban rum production and Hemingway, overnight
4th Revolution square and transport to Vinales, overnight
5th Horse ride in beautiful tobacco fields, swim in underground caves, overnight (Vinales)
6th Ten-hour shuttle service to Trinidad one of the finest colonial cities, overnight
7th Sightseeing and swimming on the beach, overnight (Trinidad)
8th Six-hour ride to Camaguey, visit to city center and a bicitaxi ride, overnight
9th Six-hour drive to Sierra Maestra, where the revolution is still alive, overnight
10th Trekking in Sierra Maestra National Park and visit to the former headquarters of Castro, overnight
11th Arrival to Santiago de Cuba city which they call the heart of Cuba, overnight
12th Tour of the city (old fortress Morro, the cemetery Santa Ifigenia ...), overnight
13th Visit to Baconao National park and lush Siboney Beach, dip in the warm Carribbean, overnight
14th Six-hour drive to in Baracoa, the oldest Spanish settlement in in Cuba, overnight
15th Jungle trekking to El Yunque, Maguana beach, overnight
16th All-day ride to Cayo Coco where two-day beach relaxation starts
17th Beach
18th Beach
19th Ride to Havana, in the meantime stop in Santa Clara and visit to Che tomb, overnight ( Havana)
20th Flight back home via Cancun

Maximum guaranteed estimated price (total)
2350$ USD
Price description

The guaranteed price estimate includes:

- price estimate of the arrangement, which is consisted of:

a.) Share for TopSpotLife organization and escort services with minimum 10 people travelling (450$ USD or 400$ USD for our previous clients - at least 1 previous trip with TopSpotLife) is to be paid upon reservation

b.) Flight ticket USA - Cancun (taxes included) including an internal flight Havana-Cancun (price estimate for all flights is 600$ USD which can be reserved with our help but not bought from us)

c.) Cost of the program paid during the trip to local providers directly (1,300 USD) and which is calculated on the basis of full groups (19 people): transport, accommodation, excursions, local guides, entrance fees and permits.

The costs not included in the price estimate are: visas, meals, drinks, bribes :) and other individual arrangements. Unless otherwise stated in the program!


Can be obtained with our help, valid for 30-day travel, cost 50$ USD.

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