Our Mission

TopSpotLife.org is a social/civic organization and foundation dedicated to promotion and development of responsible tourism and community practices. We provide essential resource of tools, guidelines and training to help organizations, individuals, institutions and communities take effective action integrating sustainability into every aspect of their community lifestyle.

Our mission encourages and supports  tourism, educational and assistance policies that contribute to the development  of social and ethical responsibility of actors involved in our professional and development projects with the emphasis on the respect of local customs and traditions and direct involvement with local partners.


With TopSpotLife we can spot a dream, we can imagine our special holistic worlds in which life, stars and beings are achieving harmony. Most of us usually dream while distant;  one can see himself flying on the colors, others can see that the mountains and rivers around them are speaking , we can sometimes spot the rain cloud on the right and sunlit huts, waves of blankets and purple scarves on the left. What we should spot are the people not competing, judging or measuring, we should see out there only a harmless game, fairies and wizards, where the days are warm and long, sparks and glances melt and smiles are firing up.

It is said that the experience brings wisdom. The elderly  understand  the true meaning of this, and the younger know that pause and reflection fusioned together contribute to the clarity of thought. Wisdom and thought tend to be the greatest treasures. Treasures reflecting our own desire to Travel, Think and Transform!  The spots in our mind that make up TopSpotLife!

TopSpotLife cannot be taken for granted.

TopSpotLife is for unique people who like to wander around the world with their eyes and minds open. It is here for seekers and admirerers. For the lazy and the curious. For young and old. For singles and lovers. For the ones who like to fall in love with other cultures and feel love for other people. For everyone who loves to Travel, Think and Transform but all at the same time.

TopSpotLife is here to make up stories, reinvent lives and create new futures. But every spot that makes up TopSpotLife will recreate its own kind and bring it back home. Special and unique. They will be called differently but will feel, dream and think the same but still in its own way.

TopSpotLife is offering  You your story. To create it just Travel, Think and Transform!


The values ​​that guide our proffessional work are:

  • MUTUAL RESPECT AND COOPERATION: recognizing diversity as a key value and strive for mutual respect, based on an open cooperation between all partners without creating discrimination on any basis.
  • DIGNITY AND EMPOWERMENT: we respect the dignity and strive to ensure that all people have equal opportunities and baseline conditions  that contribute to shaping their own future.
  • COORDINATION AND INTEGRATION: connecting people, projects and ideas that tend to make structural changes and eliminate the root causes of rivalry between people and regions of the world, striving for equal partnership among all actors, based on mutual learning, support, coordination and development.
  • RESPONSIBILITY: promote responsibility by all actors at all levels within global regions to contribute to a sustainable and balanced economic, social and cultural development and a society that recognizes the equal dignity and rights for local communities to strive for the protection of their own habitat and living environment.
  • KNOWLEDGE AND INNOVATION: an innovative, flexible and professionally upgraded approach in which will help updating our existing knowledge and experience and a strive to spread good practice among different discipline,  social and business partners  within our areaa of operation.


In its work TopSpotLife focuses on the importance of direct collaboration in order to improve the effectiveness of material development and cooperation, increase the level of social and environmental responsibility of all actors in local societies to a personal level and explore the impacts of any possible changes that would  be caused by our own practices.

If you feel that you can contribute to our cause please feel free to contact us at: info@topspotlife.org.