Travel with a cause and get to know the better side of the world. Create new ways of interacting with locals and spice up your belief that only true travel is real travel.

Think about gaining new knowledge and experience. Multiply it by learning about real things from real people and share new findings with your own surroundings.

Transform. Create, preserve, conserve, teach and share. Give out and receive. Be better, special, different, weird, deviant and always true to yourself and world community.


TopSpotLife is a social organization dedicated to promotion and development of responsible activity and community practices. We provide essential resource of guidelines and training to help organizations, individuals and communities take effective approach when integrating sustainability into every aspect of their lifestyle.

Our Mission

TopSpotLife's mission encourages and supports tourism, educational and assistance policies that contribute to the development of social and ethical responsibility of actors involved in our professional and charitable projects with the emphasis on the respect of local customs and traditions and direct involvement with local partners.

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TopSpotLife is on the lookout for new TopSpot Leaders. During the following winter months of 2012/2013 we are preparing a series of interviews and auditions which will be followed by specialized certified holistic courses and lectures with the intent to discover new talents who will be capable of transforming themselves into TopSpot Leaders and represent our organization's mission around the globe.



- Peter and Priscilla

We just wanted to thank you for arranging our last minute trip to Mexico. Everything was outstanding. ...

- Nigel

Earlier today, while smoking a fragrant Cohiba, sipping a strong Espresso and reminiscing on a truly memorable...

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